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About us

About Us

The Tampa New Auto Dealers Association, Inc. (TNADA) is a community association of licensed dealers of new automobiles in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties. Our purpose is to:

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas among its members.
  • To encourage sound business practices.
  • To foster constructive and progressive legislation.
  • To discourage destructive or retrogressive legislation, especially as same may affect the sale, service or operation of motor vehicles.
  • To promote confidence, respect and good fellowship among all who directly or indirectly engage in the motor vehicle industry.
  • To plan and implement programs to enhance the public image of the motor vehicle dealer, including but not limited to donations, sponsorships or other financial aid to educational or charitable organizations.
  • To sponsor auto shows, exhibitions and other events which will promote the purchase of motor vehicles and encourage maintenance to prolong their life and protect the occupants at all times.
  • To provide a Legal Defense Fund for benefit of members as directed by the Board.